If we had more of your time ... we could save you some money

Data supply, cleansing and suppression ... since 2001

We hold unique data, and can access data and lists that few other list brokers or data owners can access for you, and we've been doing that since 2001.

As well as core electoral roll data and the phone file, we hold mobile numbers, XD numbers, consumer email addresses, and many unique records of survey data and mail order responders ... we have what other list brokers seek.

                                Email:  sales@consumer-data-lists.co.uk


UK consumer data supply (b2c)

UK electoral roll consumer data can be selected and profiled by :-

  • Postcode/region
  • Home owners
  • Affluence or sub-prime factors
  • Age
  • House tax band
  • Income levels
  • Family make-up
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Shopping habbits
  • Financial habbits
  • Household characteristics
  • and many more subjects...


Data cleansing and suppression services

Consumer data can be suppressed and cleansed by :-

  • MPS
  • TPS
  • Dead
  • Gone-aways
  • and many other factors...

We can help you meet all legal requirements and DMA guidlines, as well as save you money by removing people from your lists that have moved away.


Data repair and file clean-up

At UK List Brokers can offer to further ehance your b2c data and save you money by fixing broken data files, cleaning and deduping such files, or merging and cross-matching large data-sets.

We can correct partial addresses and run complex routines to recover partially-entered records.

                                Email:  sales@consumer-data-lists.co.uk 



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